What ist PEG-MGF?

Mechanical growth factor (from Eng. Mechano Growth Factor or MGF )- Izoforma (variety) insulin growth factor, which is formed mainly after performing physical work. The mechanical growth factor causes the division of myoblasts (germ muscle cells that are dormant), as well as accelerates muscle growth and recovery. The effect is...

What ist PEG-MGF?

Mechanical growth factor (from Eng. Mechano Growth Factor or MGF )- Izoforma (variety) insulin growth factor, which is formed mainly after performing physical work. The mechanical growth factor causes the division of myoblasts (germ muscle cells that are dormant), as well as accelerates muscle growth and recovery. The effect is much similar to the growth hormone.

The mechanical factor of growth is the variant IGF-1 (insulin factor of growth, produced in a liver at influence on it a growth hormone) which is formed as a result of splicing (sequential connection of separate elements of RNA Coding IGF-1) in response to damage to muscle tissue as a result of physical exertion.

The physiological role of MGF was well studied in the cell model in vitro and in the experience of mice. Unlike IGF-1, the mechanical growth factor mainly causes the division of dormant muscle cells by activating different receptors. Reduction of MGF synthesis is the main reason, as a result of which there is a reduction of muscle mass in distrofichnyh patients and elderly people.

Application of PEG-MGF in Bodybuilding

The use of MGF as a medicinal product in the first stages was limited, as this substance when administered in the body is destroyed within a few minutes. In the body MGF is produced constantly, so the concentration is maintained at a high level for a long time. At the same time, it is impossible to carry out drug injection every 30 minutes. Scientists have found a simple and ingenious solution-pegylation. The molecule of the mechanical factor of growth has been combined with the molecule glycol which protects it from destruction, and at the same time does not reduce biological activity and efficiency. Thus, all modern drugs are pegilirovannymi Peg-MGF, while pure WWE to apply meaningless.

PEGylated mechanical growth factor has significantly greater bioavailability, is introduced into the body 2-3 times a week and maintains a high concentration for a long time. However, pegilirovannye peptides will soon be determined by doping control, and the timing of their determination will be very significant. For example, the PEGylated variant erythropoietin-Mirsera-is defined by months as opposed to the EPO, where the account goes literally on days. The drug is not applied inside, as it quickly collapses in the digestive tract, as a rule WWE inject subcutaneous.

The course MGF on a set of muscle mas

Despite the fact that WWE is still undergoing clinical trials, a large number of bodybuilding athletes in the West already widely use this drug to accelerate muscle growth. As a result of the experience gained by trial and error, the optimal scheme of reception is now formed:

The average daily dosage of Peg-MGF is 100-200 mcg, with a frequency of 2-3 times a week. Large dosages do not result in significant improvement.

During the training days the preparation is introduced immediately after training to simulate physiological secretion as much as the natural mechanical growth factor is excreted by the body in response to tissue damage.

Way of introduction: subcutaneous with the help of an insulin syringe. Sometimes intramuscular injections are performed in target muscles, although this approach is meaningless. If the mechanical growth factor worked locally, there was an asymmetric muscular growth (externally the same as when using Sintola). There are a number of examples that show that the regular introduction to one buttock (due to the fact that the other put was uncomfortable with the left hand) for several courses did not lead to the preferential growth of this buttocks, compared to the other.

The duration of the course is 5-6 weeks.

Sometimes it is recommended to use the drug in mega-dosages up to 1000 mcg with a frequency of 3-4 times a week, before the start of training, but according to the feedback, the final results are increased slightly, so the larger dosages to apply impractical. Nepegelirovannye forms to acquire and use is not recommended due to the extremely weak effect (destroyed during the first minutes of Proteinazoj).

Storage conditions: In the refrigerator (2-8), protect from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 2 years. The shelf life of the prepared solution is 20-30 days in the refrigerator.

Effects of PEG-MGF

In studies on rats, a single intramuscular injection WWE resulted in an increase in the cross-sectional area of the muscle by 25% in three weeks. When using a similar scheme of introduction, the insulin factor of growth resulted in increase of area of cross-section of muscles only on 15%. It was also determined that the mechanical growth factor is more effective for young adults. The higher the age, the lower the response of muscle tissue to the introduction of the drug.

Effects in Bodyguilding (revision of scientific sources for 2012)

The total experience of the use of the mechanical factor of growth has shown that 5-week course of preparation causes:

   Muscular growth due to hyperplasia (acceleration of cell division), hypertrophy (increase in the volume of cells) and prolongation of their life, at any age;

   Reducing the body fat percentage by an average of 5-6%;

   Increased endurance;

   Increase the relief of muscles;

   increase venous traceability;

   Growth of new vessels in muscles and bones (proved Deng M, Wang Y. In 2012).

Additional effects:

   Increased immune protection;

   Improvement of skin properties;

   Lower cholesterol levels;

   bone strengthening;

   Accelerated recovery;

   Nejroprotektivnyj effect (protects the nervous system).

Side effects of PEG-MGF

Currently, preparations WWE undergo the stage of clinical trials, so there is no full idea of side effects. The mechanical growth factor affects the genetic material of the cells, which can hypothetically lead to serious otstrochennym side effects.

Side effects of the mechanical growth factor (proven in research):

Myocardial hypertrophy (heart)-experimentally substantiated van Dijk-Ottens M in 2009 at the same time was shown twofold effect on the heart: protective action without loads and damaging at loads.

Research Armakolas A, Philippou a. For 2010 confirmed the participation of the mechanical factor of growth in the biology of prostate cancer in humans.

Quality and counterfeiting of PEG-MGF

Since 2005, the pegylated mechanical growth factor is available on the black market and is often purchased via the Internet. There is a downward trend in cost. To Russia most often imported from China.

As of 2012, counterfeits are found in 90% of cases because the production of pegylated MGF is very difficult and expensive, that is why the original drugs of this class are produced only in large laboratories and are released at high cost . In addition, the lack of labelling on vials can once again prove that they were purchased separately, and then filled with some neutral powder substance, or it is banal gonadotropin without a label. The lack of effect in the vast majority of cases is confirmed by numerous reviews in the forums. In some situations, positive results are attributable to the placebo effect, or to a cheap anabolic agent in the composition.

If you intend to acquire a mechanical growth factor, then at the moment the order is better to do on the tested Chinese sites, although the issue of quality remains open.

MGF Peg course for muscle growth

Put in the days of training for 200 mcg with a single prick or breaking the dosage and put directly in the muscles or fat fold, like any other peptides. The course option for 1 month is possible, the results will be visible, but this peptide has the property to gain momentum with time, then still recommended course 2 months, you can and 3 months.

Result: Dry muscle mass, easy fat effect.

Course GHRP-6 + MGF Peg on the mass

Excellent course, allows you to gain substantial amounts of quality muscle mass.

Course Composition: GHRP-6 + MGF Peg

Duration: 2 months

Dosages and Reception mode:

GHRP-6 put in the morning and evening on 200 mcg, MGF Peg in training days put after training on 200 MCG, in usual days in the middle of day as on 200 mcg.


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